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NCS 5000i® Scanner

Image Scanner for high volume data collection requirements.


OMR compatibility and imaging functionality




The NCS 5000i scanner, along with the ScanTools® Plus software, provides imaging functionality, traditional optical mark recognition (OMR) program compatibility, and superior data accuracy to meet your forms processing needs. NCS 5000i scanners can capture OMR data, hand-print data, OCR, and barcodes.

These tools bring unparalleled efficiency to the following data collection processes:

  • Training, testing, and evaluations
  • Performance assessments
  • Enrollments, registrations, and surveys
  • Admissions and records

Forms Processing Capabilities with OMR Compatibility

Current users of our OMR OpScan® scanners may find their information needs expanding beyond automated data entry to include OMR and image management. You need to collect and manage images, while keeping trusted, 16-level OMR data collection programs. Pearson NCS offers a complete solution: our 5000i scanners provide sophisticated character recognition, image storage and retrieval, and workflow capabilities when combined with our NCS Accra™ forms processing system and Xtender™ imaging software.

Imaging Functionality

The 5000i scanner is more effective and efficient than other image capture scanners. It is a "smart scanner," offering programming flexibility to accomplish tasks like conditional printing and sorting that are unavailable with other scanners.

The 5000i scanner also prevents problems:

  • Dynamic Deskew corrects skewed images
  • Image Quality Sentry inspects each sheet's image clarity during scanning
  • Picture Perfect technology prevents mechanical anomalies that can lead to higher editing costs

The 5000i scanner includes ScanTools® Plus software. Our image files meet industry standards and are compatible with most major storage and retrieval systems. The images can be stored and retrieved electronically and routed for additional processing. Users can also use key from image (KFI) technology to review and interpret open-ended questions, like those found in surveys and performance test applications.

Technical Specifications (pdf)