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ScanTools Plus Link
Software Development Kit (SDK)



ScanTools Plus Link SDK is the ultimate software development kit for embedding OMR (optical mark read) and image-based data collection into your application software.

This 32-bit Component Object Model (COM) development tool allows you to generate your own custom scanning applications for the Microsoft Windows environment. ScanTools Plus Link SDK provides a direct interface to our OMR and image scanners.

Build Scanning into Your Application Software

Seamlessly embed scanning directly into your software, including browser-based applications. With the ScanTools Plus Link SDK, your end users will never know that you are using ScanTools Plus software to collect their OMR data. You will be using the most sophisticated, accurate, efficient method for collecting data from paper documents.

Technical Specifications (pdf)


  • Event-driven asynchronous scanning
  • Auto configuration to match that of the scanner
  • Built-in scanner diagnostics
  • Insertion of custom error messages
  • Access to the data stream during scanning
  • Data output in XML (eXtensible Markup Language) format

Sample Programs

Sample programs are included in the software for assistance in developing your own application.

  • VB.NET samples a scanning utility, data file editor, and scanning configuration utility that demonstrates how to collect OMR and image-based data.
  • Visual Basic sample programmed with VB 6.0 development software, demonstrates how to collect OMR data only; includes code to configure a scanner and scan forms, as well as code to view and modify the contents of a data file.

Additional sample programs, including a Web sample, will be posted on the Pearson NCS support Web site.

Benefits for Your End Users

When you inlcude ScanToolsPlus Link SDK with your custom application software, your end users benefit too. They'll get more efficient, accurate data collection available only by using Pearson NCS software and scanners.


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